Workspace Environment Management Version 1811 is out now

Workspace Environment Management Version 1811 is out now

The new Current Release of WEM is out now. It does not include many new features, but a lot of bug fixes.

What’s new

A Profile Management health status column is provided on the Administration > Agents > Statistics tab. As of this release, Workspace Environment Management supports performing automated status checks on your agent hosts to determine whether Profile Management is configured optimally. You can view the status in the column.

Profile Management Health Status

Fixed Issues

The following errors have been fixed according to product documentation:

  • On the Security tab, when you clear the option Process DLL Rules, the rule count reported next to the “DLL Rules” collection is set to zero, regardless of the actual number in the WEM database.
  • Attempts to upgrade the WEM database using the command line might fail.
  • After you apply a percentage of the CPU’s processing power for a process on the System Optimization > CPU Management > CPU Clamping tab of the administration console for the first time and configure a different percentage for the same process later, the change does not take effect.
  • When the Citrix WEM agent starts, a Citrix WEM Agent Init file (.log) and a Citrix WEM Agent file (.log) are created separately in the root of the current user’s Users folder. However, while WEM agent switches from the Citrix WEM Agent Init file to the Citrix WEM Agent file, some logs might be missing.
  • When a forest (current or trusted) contains a large number of OUs (for example, 10,000), if you click Add OU from the administration console, you might find some OUs to be missing from the Organizational Units window. This issue occurs because the search task times out before the search completes.
  • In the WEM ADMX file the Workspace Environment Management node has been moved from 
  • Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Citrix to Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Citrix Components.


Upgrade can be performed like on version 1808.

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