Activation of Office365 through multiple Citrix Worker (Activation Token Roaming)

The activation of Office365 in Terminal Server environment is enabled with shared computer activation, but will not work without further configuration. What is not described in the Microsoft article, from my older blog entry, Office puts in the user directory “AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice16.0Licensing” (the 16.0 stands for Office 2016, at 2013 there must be 15.0) a license token for the host (Server/Client). This token is valid only for the host on which the user has just activated the office. If the user logs on another host, a new token is placed in the directory.

For roaming profiles, the existing configuration must be extended by the folder listed above, or the folder that you defined with the GPO, so that it’s synchronized across all hosts.

Unlike the normal license token for FatClients, this is only valid for a few days. Microsoft has published this TechNet article: TechNet Shared Computer Activation

Screenshot of the important area:

Activation Token Roaming

In detail, this means for the environment, if the Internet connection are not available, users can only use their office, if they have landed on a host, for which they still have a valid activation token stored in their profile. But with high probability (the greater the environment, the more likely) you do not have a matching token and thus no Office is available to users if the Internet connection fails. Respectively only the restricted mode, which is “read only” are available.

  1. Download the ADMX file for Microsoft Office 2016 Download ADMX
  2. Start and extract the tool on a domain controller.
  3. Copy the ADMX/ADML files to the GPO Central Store (PolicyDefinitions)
Office 2016 Administrative Templates
  1. Create a new GPO and link it to the Terminal Server OU.
  1. Enable the following policies in this GPO
  1. This policy defines the location of the token
  1. This location has to be included in the roaming profile (UPM or similar) and can be checked directly after a logoff and logon
License Token

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